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ICEBLINK LUCK is a music company based in Glasgow, Scotland. Co-founded by Robert Kilpatrick (Scottish Music Industry Association) and Stina Tweeddale (Honeyblood) in December 2019, the company predominately operates as a label and management company, whilst also offering bespoke consultancy packages for emerging artists on both creative and business development.


ICEBLINK LUCK takes its name from the 1990 single by the Cocteau Twins; the first single from the ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ album released on 4AD. ICEBLINK LUCK was formed through a friendship that at its core is a mutual admiration for each other’s passion, creativity and drive. The company sees one of Scotland’s most successful artists in recent years and the General Manager of the organisation tasked with representing and developing Scotland’s music industry join forces to do more of what they do best; this time together.


ICEBLINK LUCK currently represents Glasgow-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Ruby Gaines. Her debut single 'Cardamom' was released on 25/09/20.

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