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Honeyblood (aka Stina Tweeddale) unveils her new creative project, Stina Marie Claire

Developed throughout 2020 during the Covid-19 related lockdown, Stina Marie Claire provided Tweeddale with a creative outlet while she was unable to perform and record under her usual guise of Honeyblood; which usually features a supporting live band.


Having been in the middle of recording the fourth Honeyblood album when the pandemic hit, the record had to be put on hold, with all Honeyblood shows – including a support slot with the Foo Fighters in Valencia – also being postponed. 


Quickly adapting to the challenges, Honeyblood set-up a home studio and pivoted her plans to begin developing the Stina Marie Claire project through the design of a unique, community-driven experience which fans were invited to take part in. Facilitated online through the membership platform Patreon, fans had the opportunity to sign up to support the project, and through doing so, were also given the opportunity to input and vote on a wide range of creative decisions. Together they developed Stina Marie Claire, as well as what would eventually become the ‘A Souvenir of a Terrible Year’ EP.

Stina Marie Claire presents an intimate and unique snapshot of Honeyblood’s life as an artist during 2020, as well as showcases her innovative and collaborative approach to keep connected to her fans. A significant departure from her usual crunch-pop sound, Stina Marie Claire delivers heart-wrenchingly poignant bedroom pop; returning to her DIY routes, and looking inwards to present songs fuelled with vulnerable, tender lyrics which are fitting of current times.


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